I need ten bucks from you.

This is the link for the crowdfunding effort I am making on Publishizer. I went with Publishizer because it is geared primarily to new authors who want to find a traditional publisher or are looking to finance their publishing effort.

My goals are threefold– I want to sell 500 copies of the book to hit a threshold that gets me in front of as many as 80 traditional publishing houses which will give the book better distribution within my genre; if I can reach $3,000 in sales, I can qualify as a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America; it will help to offset the costs associated with the social media platforms I am currently advertising on. That’s what brick and mortar stores expect of me if they are to carry my book.

The most painless donation is $10. For that you would receive an ebook formatted to your specification.

Five hundred sales is an easily attainable goal if I can get some modest assistance from friends and followers. For example, I have roughly three hundred fifty contacts on LinkedIn. If one in ten buys an ebook, that’s thirty-five sales. More important, if those three hundred fifty people share this message with ten more people each and one in ten buy an e-book, that’s three hundred fifty sales and we are almost there. If they¬†share with ten more each… well, you get the idea. Promised Land: The Host Rises would be a best seller and I could get the next book in the series ready for publishing!

So, give me your money. Not all of it, just ten bucks. I’ll give you a nice ebook and my eternal gratitude.