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“Reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke’s seminal 1953 novel Childhood’s End, Brent’s book is everything good science fiction should be: powered by deeply considered speculation, relentlessly thought-provoking and, above all else, visionary.

Bottom line: The Host Rises is better than the majority of science fiction releases currently on the shelves. Yes, it’s that good.”  –BlueInk Review

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Read an excerpt from The Host Rises.

In the near future, dysfunctional governments and powerful mega-corporations have created a world of unending violence, leaving it teetering on extinction. The poor and elderly are forced into “the box”, government-funded centers where they live within virtual realities while in the real world, they waste away and die within a few years. Religious extremism has overtaken government, limiting voting rights, rolling back gains made by secular groups and securing for themselves tax-free “faith subsidies”.

Out of nowhere arrives The Host– a mysterious entity armed with the ability to inflict instant death upon anyone… or everyone… on the planet.

The Host has one demand- end the cycle of violence and war immediately or face annihilation. A new era dawns- The Peace. Aided by the Servants of the Host, humanity begins to tackle its root problems, working to achieve what The Host calls The Promised Land. The quest for the Promised Land has a dark side, however. The Host can commit horrible atrocities against those who resist its will- those with much to lose in the new order.

Some are convinced that The Host is Satan himself, others believe that they are the victims of an alien occupation.

Journalist Grace Williams and Special Agent John Harriman find themselves thrown together; she to learn the true nature of The Host, he to neutralize its grip on the planet and restore the old order. The two must race against time to uncover the secret of The Host before it’s too late!


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