K H. Brent

The Best Years…


A native Hoosier who now resides in the Greater Toronto Area, K. H. Brent was schooled in journalism and spent his early years as a political reporter for the local paper. Brent eventually realized that he might have to find another career to advance his long-term financial goal of not starving to death.

Over the next few decades, Brent focused initially on a sales career which led to his emigrating to Canada after meeting his future wife during his travels.

Their entrepreneurial ventures eventually evolved into a multi-million dollar family business. Brent attributes that success directly to his wife’s head for business.

Baseball has always been close to Brent’s heart and he devoted several years as a youth league coach while his children matured. Still a coach to this day, Brent claims it is the only thing he was really ever good at.

Writing was always there, in various forms, and Brent continued to hone his craft over the years. He conceived the idea for his debut novel, The Host Rises, in 1997 and waited another eighteen years before putting words to paper in the Fall of 2015.

The novel seems to have been worth the wait- reviews of this first entry in the Promised Land series have been downright glowing in their praise. Brent has two more novels planned as well as two spinoff series to follow.

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