Promised Land: The Host Rises debuted yesterday on the iUniverse new releases list. Now, it is on to shameless promotion and hype! Seriously, I want folks to buy and 732188_Mockup2_COVERrev2-1enjoy the book, but I do have an extensive online presence planned that involves crowdfunding efforts. In other words, don’t buy the book just yet. Here’s why:

I am attempting to get the book onto the Publishizer crowdfunding website. If I can get five hundred pre-orders for the book, Publishizer will direct it to more than eighty publishers within my genre. To be picked up by a traditional publisher and promoted within their marketing and distribution channels would be a great beginning to my career as a novelist.

That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on self publishing. In fact, I’m undertaking a second crowdfunding effort through Kickstarter to raise funds. Specifically, I want to reach science fiction fans through targeted advertising that reaches those searching on Google or viewing on YouTube. I’m in the process of finalizing all of this. When the crowdfunding pages go live, I’ll publish the link. In the meantime, go to the bookstore and look for it under New Releases. Here’s the link: